Tks friends from Brazil!

In the end of this year we received some donation from Brazil. Tks to Angelina who could fundraise some money among her friends and friends of friends.

Angelina developed a small project called: “Photos for a Cause”. This is one of the pictures taken in our school.


“Saying Hello”

So far we were blessed with: support for the water, galons of water, scups, books, notebooks, pencils, pens, rubbers, sharpeners, colorful clays, crayons, glues, clipboards, chalks, paperboards, educational toys, photocopies for the children’s exams.

** Now we also have cemented the classrooms and new roof, since there were many roles.

In addition, we also gained a new sewing machine. Therefore, as now is vacation time at school we will start to make tablecloths. The oldest girls will learn this skill too which they can be used in the future. The money coming from the sale of the products will be reverted    to school.


Last Day & Meeting with the Parents

After 2 weeks of exams, the term ended on 5/12/12 with a meeting being held at the School compound. Present were pupils, guardians/parents, teachers, one of the directors – Dan, and one of the volunteers – Angelina. During the meeting we told the guardians/parents to ensure that teachers salary and school rent are paid by paying monthly maintenance fees (200 shillings – USD 2.5/month). They agreed to our kind request.

During this day, the best performers were rewarded with two new exercise books .. gifts from Angelina’s Brazilian friends. This was to encourage and motivate our children to study and perform well.

We also wished them a happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2013.

We are looking forward to our friends who are willing to come and assist in material form or whatever they have. Example: text-boos, exercise books, pens, … We will appreciate.

Dan Ndula

Saying Hi/Tks for someone special in London

Using computer&internet we could say Hi & Tks to Arif. He helped us in June 2012 building fences around the school (

Jambo Arif, Tks a lot! We hope to see you again.

Kangemi Area


Kangemi is in Westlands District – Nairobi. It is a slum area with many people from different tribes, religions and cultures. The population of Kangemi is not so crowded like other slums such as Kibera and Mathare. People here are mostly businessmen who carry out small items for sale. Others are security officers in companies, teachers, workers in residential homes as gardeners, house helpers or maids. Some of them are tailors and carpenters.

Kangemi people survive through hardship. They earn very little that cannot sustain their lives properly. Most people prefer eating ugali (dish of maize flour), sukuma (leafy green vegetable), cabbage and omena (small fish) every day. Tea is a favorite drink either morning or evening hours.

In Kangemi houses are permanent and semi-permanent build using stones, iron sheets and poles/woods. The rooms are small and cannot be occupied by more than 10 people. The roads are tarmac while others are dust roads or paths.

Some people have electricity in the houses while majority use tin lamps. Some plots have tap water provided by the landlords while other people walk distances to buy water. Charcoal is used in cooking where kerosene is used in stoves, gas is very expensive in Kenya.

There are few matatus (local public transport) operating on this roads, however, only very early in the morning. For other hours, people has to go to the stage (main matatus station) next to fly-over to get the transportation. We also have moto-taxis which operate within the area throughout the day.

Communication is by mobile phones and some people have radios and TVs were they get messages from all over the country and the world.

Here there is one dispensary that works 24 hours and also some small clinics where people go when they are sick.

Outside of the school

We have about two public schools while others are private and learning centres. We have only one children’s home (Shangilia). Most children lack education due to having nobody to take them to school and pay fees. Some have single parents while other are orphans due to their parents having died, some of them infected by HIV/AIDS. Due to lack of employment some parents are not able to pay fees and provide uniforms and books for children. This is why most children have turned to streets and have become beggars.

Security in Kangemi is not very good specially during the night. We have some people who hijack and still goods from others. So be careful while in this area.

However, one of the important things to mention here is that Kangemi is a very friendly slum.