About us


“Our mission is to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and create awarenesses to the people of the community and the nation as whole about the serious diseases like HIV/AIDS and others through providing education”


“Our vision is to mould a child that will fit and be accepted in the society”

Overseers Education Centre

The school was started in the year 2005 September in Nairobi in a slum called Kangemi. It is situated along Gichamba road next to Ananda Marga High School bordering Mau Mau River. The school was started in a small room that occupied only 10 children with no desks but only one table. After that year (2005) in the year 2006 the number of children increased and this leed to the hiring of two more teachers to volunteer in the offering of education. There was need to create more rooms to the children. Therefore we had to shift another plot just next to the former one. This is the same place where we are now. In the year 2007 we started receiving some friends who are just volunteers to offer education. There was need to buy desks, chairs, blackboards. This forced us to call for parents/gardians meetings who came and agreed to be paying in something which was was to be used in buying school property and pay rent. Through our hard work and commitment we have money to run the school by use of our means although the parents and gardians provide shelter, food and other basic needs to the children.

In the year 2010 a friend called Marie came with friends and organized a fund raising for construction of two classrooms. Thanks to Marie, David and Stephan for the support. Thanks to also other friends, Arif who have been supporting the Overseers Education Centre in buying desks and building the fences. In addition, thanks also Angelina who has volunteered in teaching and giving advice on how and what to do and how to connect to other friends abroad.

The school is undergoing obstacles but we are really struggling for it to stand and prosper. Up to date the school now has six teacher and approx. 100 children although some of them have family problems that makes them to have them irregularities in class attendance. We look forward in getting well wishers to come and give support to the school.


Founder, Director and Teacher

** Benjamin ** (Founder) My real name is Benjamin Chavanji Indeche. I was born in 1966, 1st December in Musoli Kakamega Western province. I was educated in Shitechia Primary   School and Matioli High School where I qualified with a pass grade. I came from a poor family of 10 children, six boys and four girls. I am married and I have five children. I work as a security officer with a KK Security company. I have trained as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher with both Certificate and Diploma. I also work as a teacher when I am free. I am the founder and director of the school. I love children and like teaching, playing and guiding and counseling young generation about the future.

Founder, Director and Teacher

** Dan ** (Founder). My name is Danstone Lumwach Ndula. I was born in 1968 in Western part of Kenya, Kakamega District from a poor but God loving family of Reben Ndula and Julieta Ndula. I am married to Maureen Ndula with four children. I hold a diploma in Health Sciences. I teach Maths and Science at School. During my early years of education it was hard to get even 20Kes to pay for my exams. I can recall being sent home for not having paid the money for my final exams. Although I scored the highest points which could have landed in a government school, no one bothered to take me to a government school. I ened up in a private school. I was one of the brightest pupil but no one caved to pay for my schools fees. I remembered being chased on weekly basis to bring school fees which was only 900kes per term. This motivated me to one day own a school which will cares for the needs of the less fortunate in our society. Un-employment in Kenya is another curse in our society. So many youth are involved in crimes in Kenya, it is hard to find a job an d if found one is subjected to underpayment. Making life vulnerable. One year you might have a job, the next two years on tarmac. This scenario changed my life for ever. That is why I joined Mr. Benjamin in founding an institution for the less fortunate. Our vision is to create an institution catering for the less fortunate from baby-care up to college.


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